Other Organic Compounds

Testing for Other Organic Compounds

Absolute Resource Associates is certified to test for many different organic compounds. There are various analyses that can be used to detect organic analytes. Our Organics Analysis Methods include:

  • EPH
  • VPH
  • DRO
  • GRO

Custom analyses can also be developed to meet specific customer needs. Please call us to discuss your project requirements.

Organic Compound Testing Methods

These Massachusetts (MADEP) methods are used to determine Extractable (EPH) and Volatile (VPH) Petroleum Hydrocarbons. The EPH and VPH results consist of a list of “target” analytes as well as associated hydrocarbon ranges, as defined in each method. The intent of the method defined aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon ranges is to provide additional toxicological information than DRO and GRO.


Diesel (DRO) and Gasoline (GRO) Range Organics are analyses used to determine the concentration of hydrocarbons within a method-specified range. ARA uses the SW-846 Method 8015 for DRO and GRO analyses.