Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Waste, Hazardous Materials Surveys, (HazMat) Services & Inspections

Absolute Resource Associates provides Hazardous Materials Services for Construction, Renovation, and/or Demolition projects that may be subject to EPA’s Subtitle C Regulation and OSHA Compliance Standards. Simply defined, a hazardous waste is a waste with properties that make it capable of having a harmful effect on human health and / or the environment. Hazardous waste can be generated from many sources, ranging from industrial manufacturing process wastes, to batteries, to fluorescent light bulbs, and may come in many forms, including liquids, solids, gases, and sludge’s. Examples of hazardous materials include Asbestos, Lead, and PCBs. The staff at ARA is certified and trained to help you with Hazardous Waste management, building material inspections, site surveys, lab testing and remediation of contaminated sites.

Hazardous Waste Surveys for Renovation/Demolition

Determining what is a hazardous material is paramount, because only those materials that have specific attributes are subject to regulation. Making this determination is a complex task that is a central component of hazardous waste management. An OSHA or EPA violation can be devastating to your project and your company. ARA is certified to conduct hazardous material surveys for renovations and demolitions; be sure to give us a call if you have questions about this complex issue.

What you should know: Prior to conducting renovations, demolitions or maintenance on a building, a HAZMAT survey must be conducted by a State Licensed Asbestos Inspector.  Do not remove or disturb building materials before your survey is complete and remediation protocol is in place.

Hazardous Waste Material Survey Includes:
  • Sample painted surfaces for lead
  • Sample metal surfaces for lead, chromium VI and cadmium
  • Sample building materials, thermal system insulation and miscellaneous material for asbestos
  • Check interior and exterior building sealants (to include around windows, vents and expansion joints) for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
  • Check light ballasts for PCBs
  • If paint samples test positive for lead, a TCLP test needs to be analyzed by a State Accredited Laboratory to see if it must be disposed of as HAZWASTE
  • Make notes regarding any petroleum products, contained or spilled

Before beginning any construction project, ARA recommends that you consult an environmental professional with questions about hazardous waste regulations and hazmat inspections. Many don’t realize that neglecting a thorough hazardous materials inspection can have devastating financial, legal, health and environmental impacts. As always, call ARA with questions, we know the laws and we’re here to help!