-Ken, EHS Coordinator
I’ve been working in Industrial Environmental Health & Safety for over 28 years, with much experience with Asbestos Contractors. I just want to say that ARA has been the most professional and safety conscious of all the contractors I’ve dealt with. Service like this makes my job as a facility EH&S Coordinator so much easier. Great Job! I appreciate your excellent service.


-Daniel, Director, Environmental Services
Congratulations on receiving the EBJ Award!  It speaks volumes about who you are as a company and what you do for the community on a daily basis – which is the reason we use you for all of our mold, lead, and asbestos tests and clearances. Job well done!


-Michael, Regional Manager/Engineer
I had the distinction of being Sue’s first customer back in 2000! To this day, most my projects utilize ARA’s services. Sue's forthright, honest, and timely approach to projects and issues builds trust, which is the cornerstone of my relationship with Sue and ARA. The staff at ARA is also commendable, which I suspect is the result of hiring like-minded people and providing the mentoring necessary for the continued success of the company.


-John, Environmental Project Manager
ARA provides exceptional customer service prior to, during and following project completion. I have worked on very large projects where we required turn-around in 24 hours on an ongoing basis for 1000s of samples, and small projects with just a few samples. They are dedicated and more helpful than any lab I’ve worked with.


-Dale, Research Chemist
We love using ARA! You all have continually gone above and beyond the other labs that we have used! Gold stars to ARA!


-John, Environmental Project Manager
I worked extensively with ARA on a high profile litigation project. ARA provided their expert to work closely with me to coordinate with regulators. We were extremely successful even though many involved said we wouldn’t be. I credit ARA for that success.


-Scott, Environmental Health & Safety Manager
I have depended upon Absolute Resource Associates (ARA) countless  times to respond to emergency situations due to floods and water releases, mold, asbestos, PCB caulking and other health/safety issues. ARA's expert opinions and knowledge help keep the work environment of our approximate 4000 employees safe from dangerous airborne contaminants, with the intention of protecting my interest at all times. With over two thousand buildings and facilities for me to watch over, I don’t have the time to supervise all jobs. I sleep better at night knowing I have extremely talented IAQ professionals on my team.


"Your company has been a pleasure to work with, very responsive, professional, and willing to go the extra mile when a last minute crisis arose. It's been great, I almost hope I find some more asbestos!"


-John, Environmental Project Manager
ARA’s staff is truly exceptional, helpful and pleasant. You can’t go wrong using ARA. You will find that their service is one project aspect that you can be assured will go right. You’ll be able to sit back and focus on the other facets of the project.

Employee Testimonials

ARA is such a great company to work for! What a wonderful experience it has been. Not too many companies can brag about their low employee turnover rate, but ARA makes us all want to stick around. They truly have their employees in mind.


ARA includes the whole company in the decisions that affect its future. It is encouraged to bring new ideas on how to improve and expand the company. ARA has been extremely supportive in my personal goal to expand my knowledge and to advance in the company. The company cares about me and every employee. I couldn’t ask to work for a nicer bunch of people and hope to be with this company for many years to come."


"I enjoy the quick pace of our work environment- it’s a small business so we all work very hard together to get the work done efficiently. Sometimes this means we come in early or work late, but we need to get the job done. We all have a lot to gain by working hard and making this the best business in the industry.


I like the values of ARA- your dedication and commitment to the business are recognized, and your home life/free time is respected. In the same breath, I think I can speak for all employees- if we were needed after hours or on the weekend, we’d be there in a heart beat because we are passionate about this business. Every month a staff meeting is held where we go over everything from safety inspections and upcoming projects, to the complete financials of the business. Everything is transparent here, so we always know how the company is doing and what we can do to encourage future growth.


This company is so great to work for because we’re all in this together. The staff has as much heart for the success of this business as the owners do, and we’re all passionate about being the best in the business. The staff at ARA wants to go above and beyond- we want to put in the extra time and effort to be successful with every project we work on. The owners and the senior management team work WITH the employees- we all work hard for one another to achieve success for everyone.


I feel very lucky to work at ARA. The leadership and inclusive management style make us all feel like we truly have a part in the success of the company. That is very empowering! They lead by example; they work hard and expect us to work hard as well. They are committed to the mission, vision and values of the company at every turn, and as an employee, that is very reassuring.