Infrared Imaging / Thermography

Thermal Imaging / Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography (thermal image scanning) has been widely used in residential, commercial and industrial applications, including electrical, mechanical, steam generation, structural and more.

At Absolute Resource Associates, we find the use of Infrared Technology in building inspections invaluable as we conduct our IAQ investigations. Using proper training and scientific protocols, thermal imaging technology allows our team to evaluate relative temperature differences within the same building or area.

Thermal Imaging and Mold Detection

A thermal scan does not “identify” mold, as commonly believed, but rather, it detects temperature differences in a given area. Thermal imaging is just one of the many tools we use when performing a thorough mold investigation or building envelope investigation.

Thermal scans help us to locate moisture and/or deficiencies in the specific material we are looking at. Since many mold infestations are hidden, the thermographic inspection is key as we conduct our investigation.

Image comparison between two similar objects can be very helpful in determining the presence or absence of a variety of deficiencies, and our consultants are trained to use this information as they conduct their investigation.

If you would like to speak to someone on our team about conducting a thermal scan in your home or building, give us a call.