Environmental Project Experience

Absolute Resource Associates has experience working on and managing a wide variety of environmental projects for clients large and small throughout the U.S. We work with large engineering firms, industrial and environmental companies, federal agencies, municipalities, private industry and more. Here is a sampling of the types of projects we handle on a regular basis.

Environmental laboratory project experience

Absolute Resource Associates has an approved LQAP on file with the Army Corps of Engineers New England District, and has performed bulk sediment testing, analysis, quality control and electronic reporting in support of projects evaluating dredged materials proposed for disposal in New England waters.

We have provided services related to Volatile Organic Compound delineation of soils at Westover Air Force Base including submission of a comprehensive electronic data deliverable (ERPIMS).

Absolute Resource Associates continues to support many New England Landfill clean-up efforts, providing sampling, environmental testing as well as pre-printed chains of custody forms and container labels with the bottle orders for these projects, and has been a partner in the pre-design and remedial actions at a municipal landfill.

ARA provides ongoing testing services in support of research related to storm water management and contaminant control for the University of New Hampshire Stormwater Research Group.


indoor air quality project experience

Severe Mold problems were reported in a Preschool in which an alarming number of children were suffering allergy symptoms and missing school. An investigation by the Absolute Resource Associates IAQ Team found a chronic water leak which was creating an environment conducive to supporting mold growth. Once the leak and water damage were addressed, and mold was removed, the facility was issued a healthy indoor air quality clearance report.

Absolute Resource Associates was called to conduct a full asbestos testing investigation at a telecommunications facility in Vermont. A thorough physical inspection of the 75,000 sq. ft. building revealed the presence of friable Asbestos in many places in the basement. Absolute Resource Associates managed and supervised the remedial action to assure no risk of exposure to employees during cleanup, and after final testing results showed no further signs of asbestos, the site was issued a "Clearance For Re-occupancy."

federal project management project experience

Drinking Water Sampling and Analysis
ARA provides all tools, equipment, material, labor, and supervision to provide water testing services at five different Navy locations in Maine. Sampling and analysis is provided on a monthly basis, with the sampling schedule set up months in advance. ARA ensures all monthly, quarterly, annual, and 3-year testing requirements are met within the correct time frames. ARA provides regulated data to the Maine DWP to ensure the Navy stays within compliance.

Geotech Soil Borings
Geotechnical investigations were performed at four locations over a period of two years. As the Prime Contractor, Absolute Resource Associates provided a subcontractor for the drilling and engineering and performed the necessary laboratory testing at our DOD certified laboratory facility.  Due to the excellent coordination of resources, all projects were completed in a 7-10 day time period from drilling to reporting.  This TAT allowed the Navy to reduce considerable down time and save money on project initiation.  

Hazardous Materials Survey
ARA completed a Hazardous Material Survey to identify all hazardous materials in a building scheduled for renovations. The building was surveyed, sampled, and tested for asbestos, lead, PCBs, and other suspected hazardous materials that might be present. ARA coordinated with the Navy to minimize disruption to building personnel during the survey operations. The final report supplied by ARA was utilized by the Navy and construction contractors to successfully complete the building renovations and additions.

Arsenic/Uranium/Radon Installation
ARA provided Point of Entry Arsenic and Radon Filtration installation at several Naval Facilities. The contract scope included oversight of subcontractors, pre- and post-treatment tests, and management of the removal of an existing steel water tank within the water treatment building and replacing it with polyethylene water storage.

Mold Remediation – Navy Yard
ARA provided the remediation of mold from the interior of the package terminal air conditioners (PTAC) within approximately 20 rooms of the building’s sleeping quarters. The insulation was removed and replaced with new anti-microbial insulation. The work was performed in separate phases to minimize the disruption of the occupied spaces.

Lead Dust Abatement
Survey for lead dust in areas identified by Navy resulted in the building being divided into seven separate phases for cleaning.  Each phase was taped off as a "regulated area," with personal and area monitoring performed to assess for any contamination to ARA and Navy personnel. Each phase was completed in less than a week, with passing clearance wipes.  At no point throughout the project did ARA's work significantly impact the Navy personnel.

Arsenic Filtration & Tank Removal
ARA provided Point of Entry Arsenic Filtration for the drinking water at a Naval Facility, including pre and post treatment tests, while also managing the removal of an existing steel water tank within the water treatment building and replacing it with polyethylene water storage.



Firing Range Clean-Up
ARA was responsible for the cleaning of three indoor shooting ranges. All ranges are connected to a filtered ventilation system that requires regular maintenance.  Ranges were cleaned of dirt, debris, dust, lead, and lead residue, and all filters were replaced.  Waste was accumulated and disposed of as hazardous waste in compliance with NYSDEC regulations and USAG Point Policy #26.

Hazardous Waste
ARA maintains and operates the central 90-day hazardous waste accumulation site, preparing and conducting annual satellite area training, as well as scheduling and performing transportation of waste and materials to the central accumulation site.



Post-Hurricane Asbestos Clean-Up
ARA was the Prime Contractor on a $200,000 asbestos abatement and debris clean up project for the USCG, which included removal of over 1,000 feet of pipe insulation, 100 cubic yards of asbestos contaminated soil, and removal of hurricane debris, and re-insulating pipes


Lead in Soil
The removal of a lighthouse left concerns regarding lead in the soil from chipping paint before and during the removal.  As the Prime Contractor, ARA provided the personnel to perform the Site Supervision, Site Quality Control, and Site Safety Officer.  In addition, ARA prepared the Scope of Work which outlined the sampling protocol, procedures, sampling frequency and analytical program.  Soil samples were screened for lead on site using an XRF by ARA trained personnel and split samples were taken for fixed laboratory verification.  The ARA laboratory performed the analysis with 24 hour TAT to facilitate minimizing the time and cost associated with field activities.


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