Testing for Other Organic Compounds

Absolute Resource Associates is certified to test for various organic compounds. There are various analyses that can detect organic analytes. Methods analyzed at Absolute Resource Associates include EPH, VPH, DRO, GRO, Simulated Distillation and DMF. Custom analyses can also be developed to meet specific customer needs. Please call us to discuss your project requirements.

Absolute Resource Associates Organic Compound Testing Methods


These methods have traditionally been used for projects to determine Extractable (EPH) and Volatile (VPH) Petroleum Hydrocarbons. The EPH and VPH reports consist of a list of "target" analytes as well as associated hydrocarbon ranges, as specified in each method.


Diesel (DRO) and Gasoline (GRO) Range Organics are analyses which determine the concentration of hydrocarbons within a method-specified range. ARA uses the SW-846 methods for DRO and GRO.

Simulated Distillation

Simulated distillation, also known as SimDist, is a technique that uses a GC/FID calibrated with alkanes of known boiling points to determine the distribution of boiling points in unknown samples.  Rather than individual peak response, this procedure utilizes a linear temperature program to associate alkanes with their respective boiling points.  This data can be used to determine the sample's boiling range distribution.  This procedure follows the method ASTM D2887.  This GC technique simulates conventional distillation methods commonly used in product specification testing.    


Dimethylformamide, often referred to as DMF, is a colorless liquid that is miscible with water and is commonly used as a solvent with a low evaporation rate.  DMF is used in the production of acrylic fibers, plastics, adhesives, and synthetic leathers.  Using a modified extraction technique, DMF can be detected down to 50ug/L by GC/MS.



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