Certified Mold Inspection Services

Mold can be found almost everywhere in nature, but when mold moves indoors, people have very strong reactions, both emotionally and physically!


Absolute Resource Associates specializes in issues with mold as it affects our Indoor Air Quality, and CEO Guy Sylvester has become one of the Nation's premier experts on the topic, authoring the book for homeowners entitled, Mold: Myth or Monster?. Sylvester is also co-founder the New Hampshire Mold Task Force (NHMTF), a group which helped to pass SB125, mold legislation for the state of NH. The NHMTF Standard of Care for the Mold Industry is a free document which serves to educate and protect citizens affected by indoor mold and poor indoor air quality.


Our team of certified Indoor Professionals can help you resolve your indoor mold problem, from mold inspections and investigations, to mold testing, mold prevention and remediation tips,

If you have problems with mold in your indoor environment (including mold in your house, apartment, office, school classroom or other location) and suspect it is causing health issues, please do not attempt to remove the mold yourself.  Mold removal without the right knowledge could make the situation much worse. Call the Certified Mold Inspectors at Absolute Resource Associates to assess your situation and help you fix the problem safely, effectively and without impacting your health. 


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ARA Mold Detection Services Include:

  • Complete Mold Inspection / Mold Detection Services
  •  Indoor and Outdoor (reference) air testing
  • Contaminant identification (when necessary)
  •  Interviews with Occupants
  •  Certified Laboratory Analysis of Samples (when necessary)
  •  Discussion of Lab Results
  •  Written Assessment of Findings
  •  Recommendations for Remediation and Problem Resolution
  •  Mold Removal /Remediation Planning/Recommendations*
  •  Literature and discussion of possible health effects
  •  Follow Up Clearance Testing
  •  Air Quality Maintenance & Monitoring Plans Available


* If a company or individual offers to do the mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal (remediation) on a single mold project, this should be a red flag to the consumer. Professional, certified IEPs who honor the Code of Ethics of the industry would not  suggest performing both mold testing and mold remediation on a single mold job, as it is regarded industry-wide as a conflict of interest to do both. Buyer beware.


Mold Prevention Checklist


Have you recently experienced a flood or "water event"? Here is a mold prevention checklist we provide to our clients to help them prevent mold growth after water damage.


Mold & Your Healthclick here


Are you suffering from mold exposure? Learn more about mold related symptoms, and how ARA can help

Free Download: NH Mold Task Force Standard of Care for Mold (This is a 20 page pdf document with a wealth of information for folks with mold problems as well as those in the mold industry.)


Free Download: NH Mold Task Force Mold Tri Fold (This is a 2 page pdf document with quick tips and info for folks with mold).

Mold: Myth or Monster? Book coverMold: Myth or Monster?

by Guy Sylvester.

Quick read, tons of great info for homeowners.












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