Drinking Water Analysis Report

How to Interpret Results

Here is a great tool from NHDES- the NH Department of Environmental Services- providing information about well water testing and how to interpret your results: NHDES Be Well Informed Guide can be found at: http://xml2.des.state.nh.us/DWITool/

Your report will identify your results and the drinking water limit for each contaminant.  You results may show that a substance was detected in your water - this does not necessarily mean that you have a problem with your water.


You can contact your state's water quality division- they will be able to give you information on risk factors and answer questions.  If the level of contaminant in your water is unsafe or is causing a problem, you should take steps to correct the situation. You can consult a company that specializes in water problems in your area. This could be a  company that deals with "wells & pumps", "filtration systems" or "water purification".  They can explain what technologies are available to remove the contaminant.


A positive bacteria result is often taken care of by chlorinating or "shocking" your well. You can find guidance on this process by clicking this link Disinfecting a Private Well .  If you do not wish to this yourself, you can call one of the companies mentioned earlier (well & pump, filtration, or water purification companies) for help and information.