Thermal Imaging / Infrared Thermography in Building Inspections

Infrared Thermography (thermal image scanning) has been used in a range of residential, commercial and industrial applications, including electrical, mechanical, steam generation, structural and more. However, until recently this technology was never correctly applied in building inspections due to lack of proper training and scientific protocols.


At Absolute Resource Associates, we find the use of Infrared Technology in building inspections invaluable as we conduct  our IAQ investigations. This technology allows our team to evaluate relative temperature differences within the same building or area. Image comparison between two similar objects can be very helpful in determining the presence or absence of deficiencies, and our consultants can use this information as they conduct their investigation.

Thermal Imaging and Mold Detection

Thermal imaging is just one of the many tools we use when performing a mold investigation. As a result of the infrared survey, for example, ARA Consultants performing building envelope inspections can identify water penetration in a certain area, and then use that information to locate the source of moisture likely causing the mold growth. A thermal scan does not "identify" mold, as commonly believed, but rather, it detects temperature differences in a given area. This helps to locate moisture and/or deficiencies in the specific material we are looking at. Since many mold infestations are hidden, the thermal scan is a great tool to have on hand as we conduct our investigation.

Common Uses of Infrared Technology/Thermal Imaging

The following common uses for Infrared Technology:

  •  Thermal performance of residential building materials

  •  Data interpretation

  •  Energy loss evaluation

  •  Moisture detection

  •  Mold evaluation

  •  Residential roofing inspection

  •  Air duct inspection

  •  Internal structure inspection

  •  Preparation for attic and basement inspection

  •  Pest detection

  •  EIFS inspection

  •  Other exterior sidings inspection

  •  Electrical systems inspections

  •  Fire hazard detection

  •  Insulation problems

  •  Ventilation issues

  •  Structural concerns






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