Healthcare and Medical Facility IAQ, Legionella and WAG Testing Services

Hospitals and Medical Offices are under extreme pressure to provide a safe and sterile environment for patients in their care. The Indoor Air Quality in Healthcare Facilities cannot be taken for granted.


Absolute Resource Associates helps many healthcare and medical facilities throughout the region to provide and maintain a healthy environment through IAQ assessments, routine testing for Waste Anesthetic Gases (WAG), Legionella, and other related services.

Waste Anesthetic Gases (WAG) Testing for Medical offices and Hospitals

OSHA recommends semi-annual testing for Waste Anesthetic Gases (WAG) in medical facilities. Absolute Resource Associates provides this testing service for many respected medical facilities throughout New England. Give us a call if you'd like to hear more about setting up a WAG assessment schedule to suit your needs. 

We use real-time direct reading FT-IR equipment in combination with passive sampling equipment for breathing zone exposures. This gives our professionals the ability to quickly identify leaks or source areas and assess OSHA compliance for Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Threshold Limit Value (TLV) exceedances for a variety of anesthetics gases.

Our assessment includes a comprehensive report, complete with detailed documentation of the areas and personnel tested.


For more information about workplace WAG testing and the recommendations set forth by OSHA, visit

Anesthetic Gases: OSHA Guidelines for Workplace Exposures


Legionella Testing Services for Healthcare Facilities

Legionella contamination in Healthcare Facilities is a very serious concern because many of the building occupants may be immunocompromised, elderly and/or more succeptible to infection.


ARA can address your Legionella concerns quickly, effectively, and confidentially. For more information on Legionella testing, what it is, who is at risk, and more detailed information about ARA's Legionella services, click here.


Indoor Air Quality Testing Services for the Healthcare Industry

Medical facilities require special attention to indoor air quality, as these facilities often are populated by immune compromised individuals. Air quality testing in hospitals takes on a certain urgency, because human health and patient care are so dependent upon a clean environment.


Whether your concerns are bio-aerosols, ethylene oxide, surface and air contamination, legionella, WAG or any other concerns, we will design an appropriate survey to suit your needs and to ensure your office and hospital air quality remains clean. 


Our consultants can provide assistance with facility evaluations for health & safety, facility renovation planning, air quality management and materials testing to ensure appropriate air quality is maintained throughout a renovation project. To learn more about ARA's comprehensive IAQ services, click here.







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