Environmental Testing Services and Capabilities

Absolute Resource Associates provides a wide array of environmental services to homeowners, businesses, municipalities, consultants, Federal Agencies, and more. We have extensive experience in providing analytical support and environmental testing services to engineering, construction and remediation projects, in addition to industrial permitting applications.  We utilize state of the art technology, a robust information management system, recognized industry guidelines and standards, and approved methodologies to provide the needed services on time and within budget. Our quality driven and customer focused personnel make the difference on every project we touch. 


Laboratory Capabilities
ARA’s certified laboratory utilizes industry recognized standards, methods and guidelines. Residential Drinking Water Packages, Waste Characterization, VOCs, SVOCs, PFAS, Metals, Microbiology, Wet Chemistry, Low Level-1, 4 Dioxane, TOC, PCBs, Pesticides, Bacteria, Mold, Lead Paint, Allergens, and more.

Indoor Air Capabilities
Consultations, Mold Inspections, Indoor Air Quality Investigations, Air & Surface Sample Collection & Analysis, Water Damage & Water Intrusion Identification, Remediation Planning, Follow Up & Clearance Testing, Building Envelope/Siding Failure Inspections, Moisture Surveys, Lead XRF Surveys, Asbestos Surveys, Hazardous Materials Surveys, Lead Inspections, Legionella Services, HVAC Performance, Insulation Checks, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Infrared Imaging, Field GC/MS Investigations, Services to the Healthcare Industry, WAG Testing, Facility Evaluations for Health & Safety and more.

Matrices Investigated
Drinking Water, Waste Water, Soils, Sediments, Sludge, Cement, Construction Debris, Hazardous Waste, Storm Water, Tissue, Filters, Wipes, Building Materials, Paint, Air, Bulk Material, Dust, Particles, and more.


Our investigations, testing and analyses include:


  • Soils

  • Waste Water

  • Ground Water

  • Drinking Water

  • Storm Water

  • Sediments

  • Sludge

  • Construction Debris

  • Hazardous Waste

  • Tissue

  • Bacteria

  • Pesticides

  • PCBs

  • PFAS
  • Lead

  • Asbestos

  • Mold

  • Allergens

  • Odors



Check it Out:

Accredited environmental laboratories are required to save their documentation for 10+ years. That's a lot of paperwork! As ARA continues to expand, the increasing volume of paper documents we needed to archive forced us to invest in off-site storage. Read about how we solved our archiving problem and got rid of the storage unit with an efficient and earth-friendly solution: 



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