Environmental Services Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying:

An Award Winning Team!

Congratulations on receiving the EBJ Award!  It speaks volumes about who you are as a company and what you do for the community on a daily basis – which is the reason we use you for all of our mold, lead, and asbestos tests and clearances. Job well done!



Daniel A. Nersesian

Director, Environmental Services, Insurcomm


Professional & Safety Conscious Staff

Good Morning, I may have sent a note out in the past commenting on your employees exemplary service but I’m compelled to send out another.  I’ve been working in Industrial Environmental Health & Safety for over 28 years, with much experience with Asbestos Abatement Contractors. I just want to say that Jason and Chris by far have been the most professional and safety conscious of all the contractors I’ve dealt with. Along with my tenure, I’ve come to realize that some of the Asbestos Requirements may be a little excessive but the “rules are the rules” and we must maintain compliance. When I arrived to work yesterday morning, I was approached by a Supervisor and a Line Worker with concerns regarding a glove bag abatement job which was being conducted in an area where the employees were working (12 hour shifts). I met with Chris when he arrived on-site and asked if he could explain the process and put their minds at ease. Chris and his crew (Louis and Jose) did a great job of demonstrating the abatement process and explaining the procedures which are implemented to ensure that employee exposure is basically a non-factor. Service like this makes my job as a facility EH&S Coordinator so much easier. Great Job! I appreciate your excellent Service.


-Ken, EHS Coordinator


More dedicated than any other lab

ARA provides exceptional customer service prior to, during and following project completion.  I have worked on very large projects where we required turn-around in 24 hours on an ongoing basis for 1000s of samples, and small projects with just a few samples.  They are dedicated and more helpful one on one than any lab I’ve worked with. I worked extensively with them on a high profile litigation project.  ARA provided their expert to work closely with me to coordinate with regulators.  We were extremely successful even though many involved said we wouldn’t be.  I credit ARA for that success. ARA’s staff is also truly exceptional, helpful and pleasant.  You can’t go wrong using ARA.  I’m sure if you select ARA, you will also find that their product offering is one aspect that you can be assured will go right.  You’ll be able to sit back and worry about all the other facets of the project. 


-John, Environmental Project Manager


GoLD Stars to ARA!

We love using ARA! You all have continually gone above and beyond the other labs that we have used! FYI, we did a comparison of the data from ARA and another lab that was used by one of our customers. The results that ARA provided were almost exactly in line with the other lab for 2 analyses and more accurate and precise that the other lab in two other analyses. Gold stars to ARA!


-Dale, Research Chemist


Going above and beyond...

I was appointed the position of Manager of Environmental Health & Safety for a large commuications company in September of 2008. Over the years in this position I have depended upon Guy Sylvester of Absolute Resource Associates (ARA) countless  times to respond to emergency situations due to floods and water releases, mold, asbestos, PCB caulking and other health/safety issues. I rely upon Guy‘s expert opinions and knowledge to help keep the work environment of our approximate 4000 employees safe from dangerous airborne contaminants. When a health/safety issue is discovered in one of our buildings, Guy designs remedial action plans for remediation firms to follow. The work is done under his supervision with the intention of protecting my interest at all times.  In addition to his hard work, he has been instrumental in educating me about mold and other airborne microbial issues. As an environmental professional, it is important that I know as much as I can about any health & safety issues that may affect our employees, and  I now have a very strong knowledge of mold , asbestos and other such environmental dangers, thanks to Guy.


I feel like Mr. Sylvester is one of our employees because he steadfastly goes above and beyond to protect my company in other areas including cost control, regulatory issues and making sure our contractors do it right the first time. If a job is not done correctly, Guy sees to it that they go back and do it again until its right. With over two thousand buildings and facilities for me to watch over, I don’t have the time to supervise all jobs. I sleep better at night knowing this extremely talented professional is on my team.


Scott Allocca
Manager, Environmental Health & Safety


success is built on relationships

I started my career in the environmental industry at Groundwater Technology, Inc. (GTI) in 1987, and met Sue  Sylvester shortly thereafter when she was hired at GTEL, a subsidiary of GTI. Sue was in a customer service/project management role in the beginning, so I had routine communications with Sue right from the start. From my viewpoint, Sue rose quickly in the GTEL ranks because of her ability to address technically complex lab issues, manage large projects, and provide excellent client communications on multiple projects without missing a beat. At the time, all of my laboratory work went to GTEL as mandated by the parent company; however, as Sue moved on, my work followed her, first to Eastern Analytical and finally to Absolute Resource Associates (ARA), where I had the distinction of being Sue’s first customer some thirteen years ago! To this day, most my projects utilize ARA’s services.


From my point of view, Sue is the best at what she does because she has the ability to address any issue, big or small, in a forthright and timely manner. Unlike many competing labs, if there is an internal issue, Sue gets to the bottom of the issue and strives to find a satisfactory solution that will meet the needs of the project. This approach builds trust, which is the cornerstone of my relationship with Sue and ARA. Sue has assisted me with many projects throughout the years, and for that I am extremely grateful. Sue’s staff at ARA is also commendable, which I suspect is largely the result of Sue’s ability to hire like-minded people and provide the mentoring necessary for the continued success of ARA.

Michael F. Dacey
NH Regional Manager
GeoInsight, Inc.


a mold problem in an antique home...

My wife and I live in a 1700s house.  The chimneys were falling apart such that water was entering the chimney chases for who knows how long.  The extreme 47 days of rain flooded rivulets through our basement dirt floor as the stone foundation leaked in multiple places.  The end result, "mold" and extreme sensitivities for my wife.  We went to work; purchased strong efficient dehumidifiers, replaced rotted sills, concreted dirt floors, sealed leaks in stone foundations, pulled out mature growth from along the exterior foundations, placed exterior drains to day-light, placed gutters in key areas exiting to drainage system, took to the dump all cloth furniture, drapes, clothing and everything from the basement old and new.  We removed and treated all rugs, removed and disposed wall to wall carpeting, remediated every interior space, took apart furniture and bureaus, shellacked the backs of all wood antiques and polyurethaned all wood floors.  Basically, we eliminated all moisture and all mold, aged particulates and sealed up the house tight.  Through-out we were working with professionals and had air tests completed. 
When we contacted Guy for further air testing, we were prepared to go the distance.  In other words, $2,500 to $5,000 was not going to stop us.  Guy visited and spent the time to understand every step of our process.  He walked every inch of the house, attic and basement inspecting the air, the conditions of woods & materials.  He drilled exterior holds to pull out blown-in insulation and inspect inside the walls.  He stepped back from the situation and advised us to wait.  He gave us some assignments to complete and asked us to allow the house to air out and rest.  We called him for advice during this period.  We e-mailed him with questions, progress reports and all along he advised us to wait.  He understood the house was sick.  He gauged what we had completed in remediation.  He considered what chemicals and urethane we utilized. And given his experience, instead of going for the contract and the money, he coached us to the finish line.
Today we are back in the house.  Guy was right.  He could see that the house was healing and all the right steps had been taken.  He believed another air quality test would offer great information leading to further knowledge.  But he sensed we did not yet need that added horse-power and he was right.  He saved us thousands of dollars and spent his personal time (never a charge) as our final coach.  Guy Sylvester is more concerned for the well-being of his clients than his own bottom line.  His reputation in New England for his deep knowledge base as well as his practice is un-paralleled.



Scott C. Warren
Director of Development & Asset Manager FPA

Optivest Properties



asbestos crisis averted

"Your company has been 

a pleasure to work with, very responsive, willing to go the extra mile when (what could have been) a last minute crisis arose, and professional. It's been great, I almost hope I find some more asbestos!" Now that's saying something!

And now a few words from our employees:

"ARA is such an easy company to work for! What a wonderful experience it has been. Not too many companies can brag about their low employee turnover rate, but Sue and Guy have a way of making us all want to stick around. They truly have their employees in mind. ARA includes the whole company in the decisions that affect its future. It is encouraged to bring new ideas on how to improve and expand the company. ARA has been extremely supportive in my personal goal to expand my knowledge and to advance in the company. The company cares about me and every employee. I couldn’t ask to work for a nicer bunch of people and hope to be with this company for many years to come."


"I enjoy the quick pace of our work environment- it’s a small business so we all work very hard together to get the work done efficiently. Sometimes this means we come in early or work late, but we need to get the job done. We all have a lot to gain by working hard and making this the best business in the industry.

I like the values of ARA- your dedication and commitment to the business are recognized, and your home life/free time is respected. In the same breath, I think I can speak for all employees- if we were needed after hours or on the weekend, we’d be there in a heart beat because we are passionate about this business. Every month a staff meeting is held where we go over everything from safety inspections and upcoming projects, to the complete financials of the business. Everything is transparent here, so we always know how the company is doing and what we can do to encourage future growth.

Ultimately this company is so great to work for because we’re all in this together. The staff has as much heart for the success of this business as the owners do, and we’re all passionate about being the best in the business. The staff at ARA wants to go above and beyond- we want to put in the extra time and effort to be successful with every project we work on. The owners and the senior management team work WITH the employees- we all work hard for one another to achieve success for everyone."


"I feel very lucky to work for, and with, Sue & Guy Sylvester at ARA. Their leadership and inclusive management style make us all feel like we truly have a part in the success of the company. That is very empowering! They lead by example; they work hard and expect us to work hard as well. They are committed to the mission, vision and values of the company at every turn, and as an employee, that is very reassuring."



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