June, 2018

Choosing Value Over Price

A customer called us recently, looking to find a new lab. His management team had required him to choose his sub-contractors and partners based solely on price, and he had therefore been using a very large, “bargain basement” lab for his environmental testing. As you may have guessed, the low-cost lab ended up costing him dearly! His projects routinely went over budget and over deadline because of poor quality lab data, expired samples, resampling, miscommunication, and other headaches.

While we were thrilled that this customer was referred to ARA, we hate hearing these stories. One thing we’ve learned in our 30+ years in the business, is that it’s so important to choose a laboratory, or any business partner, on a variety of factors, not just price.

At ARA, our priorities all focus on excellence in customer care. We understand that knowing a client’s goals, capabilities, projects and common requests provides real value. We want our customers to come back again and again, so we work very hard on relationship building, which includes:


  • Timely and ongoing communication

       (we talk to some clients several times per day!)

  • Meeting expectations

       (set these up ahead of time and there are no surprises!)

  • Meeting deadlines

       (YOUR deadlines are OUR deadlines)

  • Competitive pricing

       (sometimes lowest, sometimes not, but always competitive)

  • Understanding project goals & the big picture
  • Providing value by being a partner, not just a lab

       (we give advice, catch mistakes, customize reports, & ask you

       about your weekend too!)


Let’s face it- you have bigger and better things to deal with than worrying about your samples after you’ve dropped them off at the lab. Whether you choose ARA or any other partner, make sure their service, quality and values are in alignment with yours, so you can avoid headaches & get on with your important work!


Some recent kind words from our clients:



ARA's Legionella Services

Legionella has become a serious concern for those who manage large buildings and facilities such as Hospitals, Schools, Commercial & Residential Buildings. An outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease can be devastating to a business, school or hospital on so many levels. Maintaining, testing, and continuously reviewing a building’s water systems is the key to keeping Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease at bay. If you would like your facility inspected for Legionella, or any other environmental contaminant, ARA can help.


A Legionella investigation begins with assessing the entire location, identifying the potential places for Legionella to grow and thrive, such as cooling towers, sinks, faucets, water heaters, fountains and hot tubs. Once the various sources are identified, ARA will collect (swab and bulk water) lab samples from each area, and have the samples tested for Legionella growth. If samples come back positive for Legionella, those areas will need to be remediated.


Developing and maintaining a water management program is a multi-step process that requires continuous review. Every building is different (depending on factors such as the structure, age, location, occupants of the building, or surrounding conditions) so each one needs a tailored program. Routine environmental sampling is recommended to keep your building’s water systems (and occupants) healthy. Give ARA a call to set up your customized Legionella management services today.


Have Upcoming Projects with:

  • large sample volumes
  • tricky holding times
  • funky parameters?


Be sure to let us know!

A little lead time goes a long way in helping us keep your project on track & on time!           


ARA is happy to be your environmental partner! If you have enjoyed working with us, or have a great experience to share, please take a moment to rate us or share your story here.



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