“Infants at Work” Program off to a Great Start

Yes you read that right! ARA is now offering an exciting new benefit to our employees. Our “Infants at Work” program allows new Moms and Dads the chance to bring their babies in to work with them. This increases bonding time, saves on expensive daycare costs, and gives employees the  option of coming back to work sooner that they might have otherwise. It’s a win—win!


The idea came about after the owners of ARA heard about other businesses having success with this concept. Before moving forward, the Management Team conduced research, held meetings, solicited input and had a few healthy debates. In the end, it was decided that if we were able to implement this type of program at ARA, it would be a tremendous benefit to the families as well as the company.


Our first baby in the program is Camden Lowe, son of  longtime ARA employee Jennifer Lowe. Camden has been a perfect addition to the office setting, and we are thrilled to have Jen back contributing to the team. Since we added the benefit, Jen has been able to work more hours and still spend time caring for Camden. To many working Moms, that’s a dream come true! If you would like to learn more about this interesting new trend, visit



ARA  Offers Water Test Kits at Local Town Halls

To make it easier for local residents to get their water tested, a handful of local town halls are now offering our Well Water Testing Kits. If you live in Greenland, Brentwood, Exeter, Stratham or Barrington, be sure to pick up a kit and get your water tested! And if you would like kits placed at a Town Hall not listed here, let us know, or have your Town Manager call or email us any time.   (Note the kits are free, the testing is not) 


ARA Expands Lead Services

ARA has recently become certified to perform lead inspections in Vermont and Maine, and will be certified in New Hampshire in early 2018. In addition to commercial lead based paint testing, ARA can now perform lead inspections and lead clearance testing in child-occupied homes and facilities.


The regulations surrounding lead are strict, and for good reason. Once it starts to deteriorate, lead based paint can easily enter the body without our knowledge through inhalation and ingestion. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization state that a blood lead level of 10 μg/dL or above is a cause for concern; however there is no known ‘safe’ exposure level.


Lead exposure has been linked to many serious health issues ranging from ADHD and autism to stunted growth, kidney and nervous system damage. Since young children are particularly vulnerable, lead testing is highly recommended for homes and facilities that occupy children and/or pregnant women.


According to this EPA graph, any building constructed before 1978 is very likely to contain lead based paint:

For more information about this topic, visit

· ARA’s website

· EPA’s website

· or send us an email.


Documentation, Regulations & Submittals, OH MY!

Construction and renovation projects can be complex enough, but when you consider the environmental and safety regulations involved, it can often become overwhelming.  As we continue our work in the Federal arena, ARA’s clients are starting to realize that they can tap into our expertise in this area, helping them eliminate much time and worry with our document preparation services.


ARA is committed to keeping up to date with the most  current  industry  guidelines, standards, certifications and training, and this sets our staff apart as the some of the most competent professionals in the industry. ARA’s Federal Projects division has extensive experience in environmental law and compliance, and we are available to help our clients sort through the requirements of any given job so that projects are completed on time and within the letter of the law.



ARA a “Fastest Growing Women Led Business”

For the sixth year in a row, ARA has made the list of NH’s Top Women Led Businesses in NH. The list is compiled by Business NH Magazine, and rankings are determined by annual gross sales. This year, we were extra proud to make the list of the “Top 10 Fastest Growing Women Led Businesses.”  Go team!



Happiest Holiday Wishes from your friends at ARA! If you have enjoyed working with us, the best gift you can give us this season is to click here and tell the world! Thank you!


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