JUNE, 2017

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

By now most of us are savvy with the acronyms and history surrounding Per– and Polyfluoroalkyl substances, now collectively being referred to as PFASs by the EPA. And if you’ve been to any environmental conferences this spring, or have read the updates from NHDES, you may have had your fill of the topic. Alas, ARA wants our PFAS/PFC clients to be aware of some important info as you collect and submit your samples:


Water: PFOS/PFOA/PFC samples should be collected in polypropylene or polyethylene (HDPE) bottles fitted with an unlined (no Teflon), polypropylene screw cap. A minimum of 250 mL of sample is required. Hold time is 28 days with proper storage (1--6°C, minimum exposure to light).


Soil: PFOS/PFOA/PFC samples should be collected in polypropylene or polyethylene (HDPE) wide-mouth bottles fitted with an unlined (no Teflon), polypropylene screw cap. A minimum of 50 g of sample is required. Hold time is 28 days with proper storage (1-6°C, minimum exposure to light).


Additional Sampling Notes:

  • ALL sources of Teflon should be avoided during collection and storage. These are potential sources of PFC interference.
  • Glass containers should also be avoided, due to potential loss of analyte through adsorption.
  • Samples should be chilled during shipment (do not freeze).
  • Well head tubing must be HDPE, if not, it must be changed.
  • Check valves must also be HDPE. Teflon valves must be replaced by HDPE valves.
  • ARA can provide sampling bottles for PFASs, just indicate your needs on your bottle order form.


The information about PFAS contamination seems to be a moving target, and the sampling requirements have been changing regularly, so be sure to give us a call if you have questions. Let’s keep the conversation going!


ARA Offers Project Management Services

Here at ARA, we have many clients who are strictly “Lab” clients, who regularly use our certified laboratory testing services, and others who are strictly “IAQ” customers, relying upon our expertise in mold, lead, asbestos etc. Over the past few years, a growing segment of our business has been in “Project Management,” and we were surprised at the number of customers who did not know about all that our projects team has to offer.


As a Prime Contractor for several large federal projects throughout New England, our Project Management team has successfully executed a wide variety of projects, such as performing geotechnical investigations, lead dust removal, asbestos abatements, mold remediation, replacement of HVAC insulation, hazardous materials inspections, and office renovations. The Project Management team screens, hires and manages a variety subcontractors to support our contracts. We also manage drinking water and groundwater sampling events for federal clients throughout New England. In addition to managing projects, ARA provides trained and certified oversight personnel, such as Site Superintendents, Quality Control Managers and Site Safety and Health Officers. With support from our IAQ division, we offer hazardous materials investigations, sample collection and on-site field analysis of asbestos air samples on large renovation projects.


From the kickoff meeting to the final reporting, our Project Management team provides all of the necessary pieces to complete projects in a safe, legal and timely fashion. This includes pre-bid documentation, Scope of Work submittals, developing sampling protocols, procedures, and analytical requirements, as well as site safety and quality control plans, collecting and transporting environmental samples, and any other details that need managing along the way. If you have a need for  ARA’s project management services, we’re here to help! Send an email or call us today.


Litigation and Expert Testimony

The ARA Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Team has seen an upsurge in requests for Expert Testimony in court cases related to mold, asbestos and other indoor air quality concerns. Whether it is a tenant who is frustrated that their landlord refuses to address indoor mold growth, a building owner who needs to prove that their building is safe for occupation after an OSHA violation, or a school superintendent who is responsible for providing a clean environment for students after a fire or  flood,  ARA is called upon in many of these types of cases to provide scientific evidence and expert opinion related to Indoor Air Quality.


Prosecutors and defenders alike have hired ARA, and our goal is always the same: to provide sound science and help find the truth. In the case of mold, this is not always easy. The facts surrounding molds’ effect on health are, well, fuzzy, pardon the pun. Some individuals are extremely sensitive to mold, while others in the same environment are completely unaffected. This makes it difficult to make the case that a moldy environment actually causes illness.


ARA’s IAQ professionals are trained and certified by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) and are often hired by lawyers to provide both scientific evidence and expert opinion about mold assessments, remediation, and molds’ effect on human health.  If you ever find yourself involved in a court case related to OSHA compliance, mold, asbestos, lead or any other indoor pollutant, or if you would like to talk to us about our credentials in this area, send us an email or give us a call today.


ARA Reads Asbestos Samples in the Field

ARA is excited to provide on-site field analysis

and clearances for asbestos air samples in NH.

   ARA's Asbestos Services Include:

  • Comprehensive surveys & inspections
  • Detection, identification & sampling of suspect materials
  • On site analysis (air samples only, in NH only)*
  • Comprehensive written report with findings.
  • Inspector, Monitor, Supervisor & Field Analyst On Staff

*on site field analysis for air samples available in NH; out of state

and bulk samples are sent to an accredited laboratory.

Learn more about ARA”s asbestos services on our website.

ARA is your Resource for PFAS Testing

ARA is accepting PFAS (PFC /PFOA / PFOS) samples at our laboratory in NH. If you manage affected sites and need pricing, sample bottles, courier service, or more information, give us a call!




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