Do you need 1,4-Dioxane reported down LOW?

Absolute Resource Associates has got you covered! Utilizing Purge and Trap and GC-MS SIM conditions different from a typical 8260 analysis, we're able to detect this highly water soluble analyte at concentrations down to 0.25ug/L. Going down? All aboard the 1,4-Dioxane reporting limit elevator. Whether you require 50ug/L, 3ug/L, or 0.25ug/L simply give us a call and we'll get you to the ground floor.



ARA Receives Navy Contract

You may have read in the news recently about Absolute Resource Associates' Service Agreement to do  environmental work for the Navy.

We are excited about this opportunity because we have been working very hard to use our company's 8(a) status to get our foot in the door on these larger projects within the Federal Government. We are equally excited about what all of this might mean to our loyal customers and peers within the industry. Through partnership and outsourcing with our colleagues, we see this as a potential benefit to us all. With continued hard work and excellent customer service to all of our customers, past, present, and future, we hope to see more of these Federal Programs coming our way. When any of these Project Management contracts require work beyond our specific areas of specialty, such as engineering, construction services, etc., we will be calling upon our partners within the industry to provide those services. We see this as a great opportunity for us to repay our customers for their loyalty over the years.Through our continued partnership, we believe our growth and movement into the Federal Project Management arena will bring new opportunities and an increased source of revenue for us all. If you have any questions or concerns, by all means give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!



NH Mold Task Force

Right now, today, there are no federal, state or local laws, codes or regulations relating to mold investigation or remediation in the state of New Hampshire. Literally, anyone can do anything they want. Think about that for just a moment; anyone can do anything they want. There are no prerequisites or credentials of any kind that are required. A person without any education, training or experience can declare themselves a mold expert simply by saying so. Imagine trying to sell your home, finally finding a buyer and then having the deal fall through based upon the findings of an individual who is not even required to have a high school diploma. Worse yet imagine having a child with severe allergic asthma, and depending upon that same untrained individual to determine whether or not your home is a source of potential allergens. This is not only unfair to NH citizens, it is also very dangerous! Below is a case study that detail a worst case scenario. It is not the least bit exaggerated nor is it uncommon. It is what inevitably happens when a totally unregulated industry deals with a hot button, emotionally charged issue like mold.


Case Study: A retired couple in their mid 70s had finally decided to sell their life long residence. The husband had recently had a stroke, and the big house had become too cumbersome. Additionally, their retirement investments had plummeted and they were becoming financially desperate. They hoped that the equity in their home coupled with a less expensive new home would offer some relief to their situation. They put the house on the market where it sat for months. Finally they found a buyer after significantly lowering the asking price, Unfortunately, the home inspector found mold in the attic and the deal fell through.


Frantically the homeowners set about finding someone to clean up the mold so that they can sell the house. Their insurance company gave them the name of a local contractor. They knew nothing about mold remediation; they just wanted to clean it up and sell the house. The contractor sprayed a sealant all over the attic and the insulation, and took a few samples which were sent to a laboratory. The lab report declared that there was no evidence of mold in the samples, and the contractor then issued a certificate to the homeowners stating that the attic is remediated and mold free.


A few months later, a new buyer appeared, but to the horror of the homeowners they were once again told that the inspector believes there is mold in the attic. The potential buyer hired a qualified consultant who tested the attic, and confirmed that there is indeed still mold in the attic, and a lot of it. This time the buyer did not walk away, but they did insist that the mold be properly cleaned up prior to the closing. The original contractor who performed the mold remediation stated that his testing and data verify that the attic is clean. However, this certainly does not satisfy the new buyers.


The homeowners realized that their options were to either completely remove and replace the roof, including the sheathing, or to dry ice blast the affected areas to remove the mold (and the sticky sealant that should never have been applied). Both methods were expensive, but the dry ice blasting proved slightly more cost effective. In the end the cleaning was successful, the attic tested out fine and the house was sold. Sadly, between the reduced price of the house and the cost of the repeated remediation, the homeowners gain next to nothing from the deal.


What went wrong?: First of all spraying a sealant over the mold violates every current guideline and standard in the industry. Mold must be physically removed and those areas cleaned prior to applying any type of sealant. Even more egregious was the fact that the contractor post tested his own work. This is a flagrant conflict of interest. A consultant on any project should be an independent, third party individual working for the client. The consultant should not only verify that in fact the substance in the attic is mold, but should also establish the proper scope of work, monitor the project and perform post testing verification.

1. Always check credentials with the ACAC.
2. Always get references for the company doing the work.
3. Write your legislators and ask them to get laws into place to protect the consumer. A NH Mold Task Force has been formed through the American Lung Association of New Hampshire and will be submitting language for the new legislation in the next Congress session. Stay tuned!


Thank you!

The staff at Absolute Resource Associates would like to extend a sincere thank you for the support you've shown over the past 10 years! As we transition away from our Resource Laboratories and Absolute Air Quality brands, we want to assure you that you will continue to receive the same  exceptional service that you have come to expect from us. We are very excited about the future and continued growth for our company, employees and you, our customers and industry partners. Thank you!



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