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February, 2010

Resource Laboratories

Continues to Go Greener in 2010

As an environmental testing laboratory, Resource Labs (RL) already has a positive impact on the environment, but we will always strive for more. Historically, RL has consistently recycled all sample containers, paper and plastic wrapping, cell phones and their batteries. We also faithfully reuse cardboard boxes whenever we can, and recycle those we cannot. Not only does RL recycle and reuse, but we continually review our analytical methods, working to reduce chemical and solvent use, and look to be as energy efficient as possible. Whether this is done by exploring new technologies, method modifications or more efficient batching process, RL prides itself on protecting and preserving our planet in as many ways as we can.

2009 brought in some new changes to our approach to going green. Online report access through our secure website has been a key tool in encouraging our customers to utilize our paperless option. In 2009, we changed our CoC form to provide a “no hard copy required” option in the reporting section. As 2010 begins, we’ve made the next step. As you may have noticed, in the reporting section we’ve changed the wording to provide a “hard copy required” option. This allows most of our customers to merely leave that box blank, and those who require a mailed paper report may simply request it by checking the box. There is no additional charge for providing hardcopies.  

Although the amount of printing continues to fall, we recycle all toner cartridges from our copiers and printers. Also, we are ever vigilant in ensuring that each courier run is as efficient as possible, we pride ourselves on our use of high gas mileage vehicles. RL and AAQ have a small fleet of fuel efficient vehicles, which includes the Toyota Prius. Our goal is a complete changeover to replace all company vehicles with highly efficient, hybrid models.

As always, we encourage your thoughts and ideas. If there are any areas which you feel we could be greener, please let us know! We are proud of what we are doing and are more than happy to discuss the details, give us a ring.


We’re Worth a Visit!

For many of you coming into our lab to drop off samples is a regular occurrence, but if you primarily have your samples picked up with our courier service you don’t come to our neck of the woods very often. If your schedule permits, bring your samples over to the lab- we’ll be glad to give you a tour of our facility and show you where your samples go once they’re received. On a more thrilling note, Smuttynose Brewery is less than a minute down the road from our office and they offer complimentary tours Thursdays at 3PM. Come by and see where your samples go, and finish up your day with a tour and a free beer over at Smuttynose!



Bacteria Enumeration

Have you discovered the presence of bacteria in your water, but you don’t know much? Resource Laboratories now has the ability to count the total coliforms and E. coli in your drinking water samples. The IDEXX Quanti-Tray presents accurate counts based on the Standard Methods Most Probable Number (MPN) model. The Quanti-Tray Sealer uniformly allocates the sample/reagent combination into separate wells. After the incubation period, the positive wells can be translated to an MPN result.



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