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Recent news reports have Maine residents scrambling to test their drinking water. "We had one person call saying they're so shaken up by the news that they want to know how much it would cost to test their water for “everything.”  [read more-->]

(February 2023)




Testing for Nitrate & Nitrite in Water Samples: Seven Things Your Lab Wants You to Know

As with many contaminants, you cannot see, smell, or taste nitrate/nitrite in drinking water. Public water systems routinely test for these and many other common contaminants, but if you are a private well owner, or you simply need to test nitrate/nitrite levels in a water source, read on for info and tips from the lab.  [read more-->]

(February 2023)


Bad Behavior, Company Culture, and Favorite Things

I heard a quote last year and it has been bouncing around in my head for months because I can't get over the brilliance and depth behind the words. [read more-->]

(January 2023)



WHo Should Have A Legionella Management Plan? 

Legionella has become an increasing concern for those who manage buildings and facilities like Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, and Residential Campuses. Learn all about Legionella, the who's hows and whys of Prevention Plans, Legionnares' Disease, and more [read more-->]

(October 2022)

Avoid the Resample:  6 things that will get your lab samples rejected.

You have planned, plotted, researched, and spent days at the job site, doing due diligence and collecting your environmental samples. The last thing you need is your project timeline getting derailed because of an oversight with samples, paperwork, or procedure. [read more-->

(August 2022)


Asbestos Removal: How to (Possibly) Get (Some of) Your Money Back 

Learn a little-known industry tip for getting reimbursed for some of the costs related to vermiculite asbestos abatement. (read more -->)

(July 2022)


What Happens Between Sample Collection & Lab Analysis? Take a Peek Inside Login.

Want to get your project off on the right foot? Start by learning a little bit about login. Environmental labs have strict systems in place for sample drop-off and login procedure, to ensure for quality control, safety, and compliance. (read more -->)
(May 2022)



Lead Paint Survey, Lead Inspection, Lead Risk Assessment: what's The Difference?

Strict regulations determine whether or not your project requires a Lead Paint Survey, a Lead Inspection, or a Lead Risk Assessment. Here’s how to know which one you need, and how to avoid major health and legal issues. (read more -->)

(April 2022)


Water Quality Tips for Homeowners

The water quality in your home can be affected by many factors, and some are right under your own roof. Read about 3 potential sources of contamination and ways you can improve the water quality in your own home. (read more -->)

(February 2022)




Hear about the complex world of mold from a team of folks who choose to surround themselves in it every day. This blog post will tell you things you should always be aware of when hiring someone to help you with a mold problem. (read more -->)

(January 2022)

 Interpreting Your Lab Report 

The questions we get most often are related to reading and interpreting the lab report. What's the MCL? What's a surrogate? And what do I do now? Not to worry, we answer all of these FAQs and more in this blog post (read more -->)

(November 2021)



The Real Estate Market is HOT. So hot, in fact, that folks are (gasp!) buying "sight unseen" and skipping the all important Home Inspection. Here are 5 really good reasons why that is a really bad idea.

(read more--->) 

(October 2021)



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